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Emergency Break Glass
Nov 24, 2018 No Comments In Break Glass By
Emergency Break Glass Break glass units are used on all fire systems and raise the alarm manually when someone forcibly breaks the white glass or plastic. Most of the time, they are installed in exits, corridors, landings, near high risk areas (such as cookers and kitchens), and fire escapes. ...
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Drop Bolt Bracket
Nov 24, 2018 No Comments In Bolt Bracket By
Drop Bolt Bracket Buy Online One of the leading distributors of home and safe lock systems, Guardall Locks offers a wide range of drop bolt brackets. Made with industry grade materials, these door accessories will keep your home safe against potential harm at all costs. Electric Dropbolt Locks are popular ...
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Electric Door Strikes
Oct 26, 2018 No Comments In Electric Strikes By
Buy Electronic Strike Online, Electric Door Strikes If you’re on the lookout for a secure lock for your home, an electronic strike is your best bet. The locking mechanism holds a metal plate or assembly that is affixed into or onto a door frame on one side, which will receive ...
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