About us

Guardall Locks – Australia’s Leading Security Equipment Provider!

Ever since 1982, Guardall Locks has been offering premium quality security equipment, locks and access control systems in Australia. We have become the go-to choice for some of Australia’s leading locksmiths, security system installers & providers.

With a reputation for excellence, we manufacture, import & sell highly durable, robust & efficient security parts and products that can be installed to drastically improve security & safety for both homes & commercial property.

Our premium quality product lines meet and exceed industry standards. Consequently, our clients feel safe knowing that they are installing the very best security equipment on the properties they manage.

Built For Excellence

All the equipment we sell is developed and tested to meet the most rigorous industry standards. That is why we manufacture using the finest materials and source our components from the most trusted brands. For this reason, our products work and deliver results.

Under those circumstances, many locksmiths and security providers through-out Australia like to protect the properties they manage by using the state-of-the-art technology we offer.

And our highly trained staff are always ready to help locksmiths, and other security providers choose the right products and systems for each case. From production to delivery and installation, we are here for you!

Our Mission

We started Guardall Locks to be a one-stop shop for locksmiths and other security providers across Australia. Correspondingly, we have aimed to provide the best quality access control parts & systems on the market. And today, with thousands of happy customers, we are delighted to say that we have been successful!

Our mission continues to be to provide premium, trusted & reliable security equipment across all States & Territories in Australia. Due to our friendly and professional staff, rapid delivery, and top-notch quality we are sure that we will manage to remain Australia’s leading provider of access control systems!

Furthermore, it is our wish to continue to innovate and lead the way in the market for security products in the future. We will achieve this by:

  • Further extending our investment in our people.
  • Continuing to innovate and use the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • Deepening our understanding of the quickly evolving needs of the security industry.